MTMT Studios with Haagen Dazs x Pierre Herme

MTMT Studios with Haagen Dazs x Pierre Herme

We were invited to organise a small workshop for Haagen-Dazs x Pierre Herme's media hosting event and we were delighted as we will be surrounded by delectable ice creams!


We had a good time teaching fellow medias and KOLs how to paint one of the launched ice cream cone in the watercolor medium! 


Major shout out to the event company Vibe Tribe Events Solution and PR agency Mat Hat Asia for giving us this opportunity to bring out the best in us 😍 They are one of the most friendliest teams to work alongside! ❤️

Looking forward to more fun times ahead!

If you’re part of your organisation’s events team and you’re looking to organise a team event, feel free to reach out and we can customise any art activities to your needs 🤓

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