MTMT Studios is the brainchild of MTMT Designs, where it was founded by a sneaker painter - Maggie to pursue her lifelong dream of operating a fun and interactive art studio. 

We're a creative art playground that provides a wide variety of art and crafts for the young and old

Ranging from shoe painting to various art and craft hobby projects, every activity in here is perfect for anyone to instil their creative juice and expand its potential!

  • MTMT Studios - Eong Xien, Petaling Jaya

    Eong Xien, Petaling Jaya

    Completed my first painting since secondary school at MTMT studios. Maggie was very thorough and helpful, which was great for a newbie. I enjoyed recreating a scene from my trip to Bagan, Myanmar. The end result isn't too shabby, but more importantly it's the experience that matters. 5/5 stars, will return. 👍

  • MTMT Studios - Rowena Foo, Chicago

    Rowena Foo, Chicago

    It was my first time painting and I had no idea what I'm about to get myself into. About 30mins into it, and with Maggie's guidance, I got the hang of it and was totally in my own zone trying to create the colors I have in mind. It was a great experience, and a great exercise for creativity and imagination. Maggie challenged us to draw all the elements by hand instead of following a guideline or stencil; it was out of my comfort zone and it's important to see how much I've hesitated instead of going with the flow or trusting my instincts. It's good to reflect on this during the process. On top of that, I brought my 83 year old grandma to have her enjoy a new experience as well, and she was over the moon to learn something new! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new challenge. And I challenge you to reflect on your process, you might just learn something about yourself

  • MTMT Studios - Debbie Ang, Petaling Jaya

    Debbie Ang, Petaling Jaya

    Super grateful that I had the chance to experience my first art jam with mtmtstudios. Maggie, the instructor, was more than just accommodating. She’s also knowledgeable and well-verse in her skills; offering an array of interesting art classes and sessions. Whether you’re bored or up for a therapeutic session during the weekend, head over to mtmtstudios for some light-hearted, fun moments. Her fees are incredibly reasonable too. I’ve did some surveys with other art studios and I still find Maggie’s classes more affordable / reasonable. There’s also a reward system :) bring over your local or even visiting expat friends to mtmtstudios since we locals usually have prob recommending things to do in Malaysia !

  • MTMT Studios - Nicole, Kuala Lumpur

    Nicole, Kuala Lumpur

    It was our first time attending an art workshop. Even with no prior experience in painting, we had a fun time. The founder and instructor Maggie was friendly, approachable and attentive, also a shout-out to Bo. They guided us from start to finish, while encouraging us to freely express the artist in ourselves. The studio space was minimal with a relaxing atmosphere and not overcrowded with students which is rather peaceful. To summarise, it is definitely a good hangout and memorable experience with friends and family. I highly recommend MTMT studio!!

  • MTMT Studios - Sambruce, Ipoh

    Sambruce, Ipoh

    First time attending a shoe painting workshop and it was so much fun. Maggie was super friendly and helpful throughout the session. The best part is the flexibility to choose our own art and Maggie then precisely guides each of us to put our designs on the shoes. The studio is also very convenient and surrounded by artistic vibes. Totally recommend to try a workshop here at MTMT Studios 💯 ✨

  • MTMT Studios - Ashley Yap, Kuala Lumpur

    Ashley Yap, Kuala Lumpur

    Great place for couples and friends to relax and try something new! I liked the non-pretentious atmosphere very much. Maggie was friendly and professional. The experience was great and I’d do it again, or treat it to someone for their birthday or something.

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