Monstera Watercolor Workshop (24th April)

RM 130.00


Date: April 24 (Sat)

Time: 2-5pm

Venue: MTMT Studios


Take on a watercolor adventure and learn the essential watercolor knowledge and practices:
1. Introduction to tools & material
2. Principles on value scale, color, color mixing and color harmony
3. Brush strokes & control
4. Painting techniques and layering
5. Composition rules

Finally, combine all techniques above to create your masterpiece!


Carrie believes that creating is as much a gift to the world as it is to oneself. The drive to create makes for almost a divine joy. She has a broad spectrum of disciplines instead of merely sticking to one particular style or medium. Her singular focus instead is on the process of exploring, learning, growing, and making, ever onwards. Every piece is an opportunity for a story, the creation of that story is itself a voyage. As a guru would find himself in his zone during meditative state, Carrie finds that zone through putting brush to canvas.

She is a firm advocate that the gift of creating isn’t confined to “talent”, but the passion to create, and that the more she advocates this message, the more colourful the world becomes; a gift that keeps on giving.

Tech consultant by day, artist by night, Carrie and her artworks were also featured in one of the local news TV programme. 

Carrie is also our current Tipsy Painting's instructor. Catch her at one of our weekend classes!

Check out Carrie's works from her social media accounts below:

Carrie's Instagram


  • 3 hours of watercolor painting session
  • Handout
  • Light refreshments
  • Your masterpiece to bring home!

All art materials will be provided, so just bring yourself! 


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