DIY Parent & Kid Shoe Painting Set - MTMT Studios Signature Kit

RM 60.00

With the aim of diversifying different art surfaces, this kit is MTMT Studio's signature art kit that you can make use to unleash the inner creativity in you!

We also made sure to make this entire set priced reasonably so it's suitable for any entry level hobbyist to make their first move. 

This set is perfect for parents to make is as a great bonding time to make some art with your kids! 

It's a handy DIY Home kit where you can paint your own shoes and make them as a perfect fashion statement for yourself! 

In this package you’ll get: 

1 x Adult shoes 

1 x Kids Shoes 

1 x Adult Shoe bag 

1 x Kids Shoe Bag 

1 x Color Set 

1 x Brush set 

4 x Sketch template 

Some plastic inserts for shoes

Kindly measure your feet before confirming on sizes as there will not be exchange or refunds allowed. For kids, it will be best to get a bigger size as their feet will grow over the years, as for adults, you may want to get a size down since the shoe material will expand after you wear them for a while. 

Price excludes shipping. Delivery via local shipping companies only. 

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