Acrylic Pouring Art Workshop (1st May 2021)

RM 250.00


Date: May 1st (Sat)

Time: 2 - 5pm

Venue: MTMT Studios

Note: We have a minimum of 2 pax to start a class. 


This is a fun and crafty activity for anyone with no age limitations and no art experience required! You are going to be learning a few things on this day: 

  • 2 fluid art techniques,
  • mixing ingredients
  • colour combination
  • pouring mediums


You get to bring home 2 artworks of your own creation! There will be 2 canvases for each student (round and rectangular canvas)


Peigee of Kaleidoscopicmess will be our instructor for this fun and interactive workshop! Digital Marketing Manager in the morning, Fluid Art artist after work. 

Peigee graduated from a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and has the passion with Fluid Art begun when she was exploring art techniques for Art Therapy. She embarked on the journey of making Fluid Art since 2017. She was deeply mesmerised by the visually organic motifs created naturally through layering paints.

In 3 years, she hosted 18 Fluid Art workshops in KL, Penang and Johor, and participated in 6 art exhibitions to date since year 2017.

She believes art has its magical healing power. Colour selections and patterns formed often reflect heavily of one’s subconscious feelings. Through art, everyone has the capability to express and to explore their subconscious thoughts and vulnerability.


Avoid wearing white clothes during the workshop, we will advice you to put on clothes you don't mind getting some stains on as it will be permanent and can't be washed off. Aprons will be provided but there will still be possibilities of it staining parts where the apron won't cover. 


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