17th MAR (SUN) - Peranakan Beads Embroidery Workshop

RM 188.00


Date: 17 MAR 2024 (SUN)

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: MTMT Studios, 55B, Jalan SS 24/8, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


The beads embroidery workshop on a frame offers participants an opportunity to learn the art of bead embroidery in just 2 hours for only RM 188/pax. During the workshop, participants will be guided on how to bead & embroider on a frame, with an average of 300 beads. Participants can choose their own design or draw their own patterns of their choice and learn how to beads embroider the Peranakan way. 

At first glance, beads embroidery might seem like a daunting and complex art form. This workshop is thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse skill levels, welcoming both beginners and non-beginners. Priced at RM 188, the workshop offers an opportunity to learn the art of beads embroidery, with expert guidance from our master artisan and we will also provide all the necessary materials, ensuring that participants can focus solely on their creative journey.

Under the guidance of our master artisan, participants are introduced to the enchanting world of beads, colors, and patterns. The process of selecting beads, arranging them into intricate designs, and sewing them onto fabric, some say is both meditative and rewarding. As the workshop progresses, participants witness their creations come to life, each bead contributing to a masterpiece that reflects their individual style. (You might not be able to complete it during the workshop, fret not, you can bring it back home 🙂)

Options: Participants have the option to bring their own clothes or bags to the workshop. We will evaluate the material and it will give you the opportunity to personalize your belongings with your newly created bead embroidery designs.


manekNya was founded by two Peranakan sisters, Swee Lin and Swee May, who shared a passion for preserving and promoting their cultural heritage. Both were drawn to the intricate beauty of this craft, and their love for it eventually led them to start this venture together. 

manekNya's helped to elevate the designs, and bring a fresh perspective to traditional Nyonya's beadwork and create a brand that celebrates and modernizes the art of beading. Their goal is to not only provide beautiful, high-quality products but also to educate and inspire others to appreciate the art and culture behind it. They hope to be able to preserve and promote this beautiful craft for future generations to enjoy.


Your design and material (including; thread, beads, needle, hoop, etc.).


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Please note that this workshop will be held in person, and we have a non-refundable clause once you confirm your spot. 

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48 hour cancellation - 50% refund

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