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The previous MCO gave us a brilliant idea to bring life drawing sessions online. And with such an important month to our fellow brothers and sisters, we decided to organise a Pride Month Special theme for you all! 

If you're an LGBTQ avid supporter, we stand with you!!!

Don't worry, YOU ARE NOT THE MODEL. We have life drawing models who did online and offline sessions with us in the past and they are strictly professional. 

This will be a life drawing session, we'll also do our best to include some game sessions and also drinking time of course! 

Introducing MTMT Studios very own special series of ONLINE TIPSY PAINTING, perfect to be attended from the comfort of your own home, and you get to control how the outcome of how your painting would be. And perhaps, make a few new friends? Or a soul mate? :) 


TIME: 8-10pm 

PRICE: RM30/pax (Zoom session, limited to 10 pax per session only)

Prepare your own art materials (your choice of food & drinks)

 No art experience required.

While you are in your very own personal and private space, you can choose to go ok spinning, tipsy, drunk, or even shitfaced. Of course, bring in those snacks or dinner like haidilao hotpot if you wish, accompanied by your preferred art medium. But please ah, we disclaimer first, don't dip your brush into the hotpot and still continue eating it, we won't be held responsible ok?

We're a big fan of acrylic & oil paints, but for this particular session you can make use of any mediums of your choice! For life drawing, a lot of the time is about speed, so a quick tip is to select a medium that you can work fast with, for eg, color pencil, pencils, charcoal, watercolor and so on. This session is beginner friendly! No art experience required!

We will have a male model with us to pose for a time breakdown as follows: 

1 x 4 min sketch exercise

2 x 2 mins pose

2 x 5 mins pose

1 x 10 mins pose

1 x 15 mins pose

1 x 20 mins pose

If you do not have art materials with you, fret not as we can save you from all the trouble! We will be providing a 10% off for all art kits that we curated, specially for attendees of our online sessions. 

The art kit provided is our UPGRADED Version of our PEBEO Acrylic DIY Painting Kit which includes: 


  •  1 x 40 x 50cm canvas 
  • 1 x PEBEO 24 colors acrylic paint 
  • 8 pcs PEBEO nylon brush set
  • 1 x Tear-able palette paper (25.4 x 35.5cm - 40 sheets)

We know that the MCO is taking a toll on us, both economically and mentally, and we hope that by having a series of these gila-gila virtual activities we will be able to bring human connections and the art world closer again. 

We're only limiting this group to ages 21 and above, and 10 pax per session so that our introductory ice breaking session won't take till next year to complete. LOL 

See you guys virtually! 

Note: Upon the completion of purchase, there will be a zoom link shared to your email closer to date. This is for ONE DEVICE ONLY. If you live in the same household, we're more than happy for your family members, room mates, partners to join in, but it won't be cool if you share the zoom logins to a friend or family of yours who are extended members from the same household you live in. 

If you're interested to get our art kits to be used on the actual event date, kindly purchase in advance or schedule a lalamove/grab for same day delivery from your end. 

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